Recreation or Redraws

Our artwork service involves the transformation of raster images into camera ready artwork for use by the promotional products.Once we receive your image,logo or photographs,our art design,image editing technologies along with our talented graphics designers will produce high quality output and helping you make a lasting impression on your clients.

We have a team of highly skilled designers,illustrators and editors who are capable of working in multiple projects. Our team has the capability to convert rough sketches, rough layouts or scribbles into high quality artwork for our customers with high efficiency.

Embroidery Digitizing

Our Embroidery Digitizing service converts your design into digital embroidery file which can be read by any embroidery machine.We deliver quality digitized tapes with required number of stitches,least threads trims and color changes. And also,we deliver the ready –to- embroidery files with 24 hours. Our designers are capable of adding texture to the design in thread colors to match your design using different types of fills which covers complex fill, run stitch,satin stitch, motif,triple run,manual stitch and backstitch.If your order is urgent then let us know and will our best to meet your deadline.


OUTPUT FORMATS: Wilcom,Pulse,Tajima,and any nonspecific DST formats along with a virtual PDF illustration.

Clipping Path

In general, clipping path is an layout created using the pen tool in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. The main use of a clipping path is to cleft out an image from their background, but it can also be used in several contrasting ways such as giving a special shape to an object, modifying a selective portion with in an image or preparing a layout design.After the clipping path is adapted to an image everything inside the path is included in the final cut and everything outside the path is ignored. Clipping paths are the best option for the kind of image that has a acute, defined edge.We can create clipping paths to mask unwanted parts of an image, establish both a path for the image and a frame for the graphic.Even though there are several alternatives to isolating an object from its background, at Mister Clipping we suggest to use hand made Clipping Paths.

Our qualified artists are deployed for this special technique. They are capable of making any number of changes to suit the client's needs. There is no compromise on the time taken to bring the best representation. The first proofs are submitted in 48 hours for final approval, unless the job is very delicate. Removal of background, multiple clipping paths for color correction, is done patiently.Various image paths are applied by graphic artists. All complex designs are retouched, enhanced or manipulated with the latest digital techniques like the pen tool in photoshop. This is our main area of specialization for our global clients.

Name Drops

Namedrop design is described as creating vector artwork or a digitized file from a select design by replacing color, icons, text and logo in the rigorous layout. We transfer namedrop services to custom-decorating apparel companies serving the Military segments, Collegiate, Resort, Retail, Golf and Professional Sports.

Namedrops are used for various methods of imprinting or machine embroidered on a wide range of accessories , apparel ,sporting wear, and promotional products . Feed us the reference design, and we will restore the logo and verbiage as per your specifications while remaining true to the original design outline. Typically, colors, icons, the logo, sizes and verbiage are bartered to shape up to the reference design while strictly following trademark licensing requirements.

Namedrop designs will be sent to you in the form of camera-ready artwork to your exact requirements. Namedrops can also be deliberate using our custom embroidery digitizing services and the results delivered as digitized designs in stitch file formats compatible with your embroidery machines.